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'Joanna Lucas – as Jack’s wife Grace – perfectly capturing that molten Sixties moment when a humble call-girl could mix with lords and become lady of the manor...'

Joyce Macmillan, The Scotsman, 2017 


Joanna Lucas as Antigone is often mesmerising to watch. A confident and charismatic performer she has total control of the role. Playing all characters in the piece, Lucas is a wonderful physical performer.  (...) Lucas shines in this intimate performance of Greek mythology. A wonderful tale told and performed exceptionally well.

Simon Topping, The Reviews Hub, 2019


 'There are strong performances from Joanna Lucas as the trauma-hardened Katia,'

 Mark Brown, The Sunday Herald 2017.


'Joanna Lucas as Beauty is perfect, pleasant on the eye naturally, she brings a good blend of vulnerability and sassiness to a role that can be difficult to pitch.' 

Steve Tucker, Wales Online 2015


'Utterly alone onstage and utterly compelling, Joanna Lucas inhabits the titular heroine in a mesmerising performance'. 

Julia French, Broadway Baby 2019


'Never still – continually altering her posture or her facial expression to convey the essence of something that was happening in her tale.   But it was her eyes that truly held us, always shifting their gaze (...) Mesmerising. Joanna Lucas is a very good actor, and this was a very powerful performance.' 

Strat Mastoris, Fringe Review 2018

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